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Welcome to Ukraine!


I lived in Ukraine for 11 months starting Sep. 16, 2004, and ending Aug. 19, 2004. I lived with an American family, as I worked in their music recording studio. Ukraine is amazingly different than anything I had experienced previously. From speaking another language, to living in a different world, Ukraine proved to be both challenging and Exciting.

Pictures of Ukraine

Letters from Ukraine

My first look at Ukraine

Vinnitsa's 640th Birthday Party

The Mohr Family

The Park in Uman, Ukraine

A Trip to Kiev

The Park near my House

Village Pictures

More Village Pictures

Music From Ukraine


Concert In Vinnitsa

A Stroll down the River

Vinnitsa at Night

Studio In Kiev

A Walk around the Block

Sunsets from the Bridge

Hitler's 'Werewolf' Bunker

Another Couple Walks

The View from the Graveyard

My London Vacation

Camping In Ukraine

Flying Home August 19, 2004

Hello from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Merry Christmas

Happy Easter

Back in the US of A

Ukraine Site Completed September 21, 2004